about zukku.

『zukku.』 Is the category of lifestyle shoes recommended by Runners Route.
We selecting shoes that combine both conditions for the concept of “comfortable” and “style in Hawaii”.

We called sneakers 『Zukku』 or『Zukku Shoes』in old days in Japan.

As the times change, the word “sneakers” has become firmly established in Japan and the functions and uses of the sneakers themselves seem to have changed considerably, but it remains unchanged from they called 『Zukku』, “wear comfort” is supposed to be handed over to cherish as well.

With “Zukku” as the starting point, we are confident that sneakers will continue to be loved by people and to evolve in the future.


We named 『zukku.』With nostalgia and dearly.


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(inside Runners Route-Kapiolani Store)

Phone: 808.941.3111

Mon~Sat: 10am~8pm.